2024 Learn to Play (Pre-K to 2nd-grade)

Thank you for wanting to register for Learn to Play Lacrosse. We have some good news and some bad news. The good news is we are most definitely going to have a Learn to Play program this upcoming year. The bad news is that HGR lacrosse is closing down as of April 1st as they prepare to build their new facility in town. This is great news for our community but sadly it leaves us without a nice indoor facility to teach the game of lacrosse to new players.  We are working hard to find a time and a place to hold our program. As soon as we figure it out we will send out an email, post to social media and update the website. Sorry for the minor bump in the road but we look forward to introducing your kids to the great game of lacrosse.

Starting in April 2024 we will continue our Learn to Play Lacrosse program. This program is designed for new boys and girls (Pre K to 2nd grade) who want to try the sport of Lacrosse in a fun, non- competitive, skill building environment.  We will teach beginner players the basic fundamentals and concepts of the sport through a variety of games, drills and interactive lessons. No equipment is required and we will provide sticks if your child does not have one. If your ready to try the Fastest growing sport in the U.S. and have some fun see the details below.


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Please see above for delay in Registration opening.


1. Does my child need equipment?

No. We will provide your child with a stick if he/she does not have one.

2. What should my child wear?

Your child will be given a T-Shirt on the first day of practice. Home Grown Lacrosse is an indoor turf facility so your child can wear sneakers or cleats.

3. Will you be using real Lacrosse Balls?

No. The program will use a special SOFT lacrosse ball and tennis balls.

4. Can parents help out?

YES. Parent participation is highly encouraged!