Classic Lacrosse Program

Fun for all players...

Our Boys & Girls Classic programs compete in the MYL Classic League (AKA "Sunday League"), in which we play an 8-game season starting in early April through mid-June against other town programs in the North-Shore area.

The season begins in early March with weekly indoor sessions (approximately four per season) on Sundays. These are informal practices designed to get sticks in, or back in, kids’ hands. 

The philosophy of the MYL Classic program is that all players participate equally (i.e. equal playing time) in all games on evenly balanced teams based on a player’s grade, age, skill, size, and experience playing a local game schedule in their region. There are no "A" and "B" or "stacked" teams, nor standings and playoffs at any level of the MYL Classic program.

All MYL coaches are trained and certified to be teachers of the game and role models focused on player development, teamwork, and learning the fundamentals—especially the "fun" part. MYL is an inclusive organization open to all towns and cities where, collectively, we strive always to provide a safe, enjoyable learning experience for all participants in an environment not swept up in the pressure-filled, win-at-all-cost mania too common in youth sports today.