NALAX Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of NALAX?

"NALAX is founded to provide the children and families of North Andover the opportunity to learn the game of lacrosse in a safe environment that provides an opportunity for all players of all abilities to develop skills and game knowledge. NALAX will emphasize sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play and respect for all."

When does the season start?

The season begins in early March with weekly indoor sessions (approximately four per season), typically on Sundays. These are informal practices designed to get sticks in, or back in, kids’ hands. The cost for indoor sessions is included in the spring registration fee.  

2024 March Indoor Session Schedule

How long does the season last?

Once the indoor sessions are underway, teams move outside as the weather permits. When Mother Nature is kind to us, we are outside by the end of March. The Town of North Andover makes the decision as to when the fields are playable, as is the case throughout the season. Game play starts in early April and ends in mid-June. Typically teams participate in the Founders Jamboree for the girls, or the MYL Jamboree for the boys (which is the largest boys’ lacrosse jamboree in the nation), which occur in mid-June. 

How are the teams created?

Our league (MYL [] for the boys’ and girls' programs mandates that we field teams of equal strength within each level. The coaches use the indoor sessions and early outdoor practices to gauge each player’s skill level, then work together in order to create balanced teams.

For 2024, league registration is part of the town registration.  League registration ensures proper insurance coverage for the season and year.. 

When are the games scheduled? Are all of the games played in town?

Classic games are on Sundays; times vary week to week. We play opposing teams in the Merrimack Valley, Cape Ann, and North Shore regions.  Average travel time for away games is 30 minutes. Our home games are typically at NAHS or Carter Field. 

2024 Season Game Dates

Week 1 - Sunday April 7

Week 2 - Sunday April 14

Week 3 - Sunday April 21

Week 4 - Sunday April 28

Week 5 - Sunday May 5

Week 6 - Sunday May 12

Week 7 - Sunday May 19

(May 25-27 is Memorial Day Weekend)

Week 8 - Sunday June 2

When and how long are the practices? When is the schedule determined?

Typically teams practice twice per week for 90 minutes each session. Most practices are on weekday afternoons, and some teams have Saturday morning practice. In the girls’ program, the entire level (for example, 3/4 girls) practices at the same time and place each week. In the boys’ program, some practices are by team only and some are group practices where multiple teams of the same level will practice together, which allows for more scrimmaging and in-game tactical instruction. The practice schedule for both programs is determined by field availability and coaches’ availability. Team rosters and final practice schedules are set typically in late March.

Which level is appropriate for my child?

NALAX uses a grade-based system for the division of levels. K1/2 (formerly U9) is K/1st/2nd grades; 3/4 (formerly U11) is 3rd/4th grades, 5/6 (formerly U13) is 5th/6th grades, and 7/8 (formerly) U15 is 7th/8th grades. We also take into account an age-based system designed by US Lacrosse (click here for details). If you have concerns or questions about which level is most appropriate for your child, please don’t hesitate to let us know (email addresses for boys’ and girls’ program directors are below).

When does registration open?

Registration for the SPRING 2024 season begins on October 29th, 2023. While registration is open, the website has a “REGISTER NOW” icon on the home page; all payments are made via credit card through the website. Questions about registration can be sent to

When does registration close?

North Andover Town Lacrosse Registration CLOSES on February 5th, 2024. 

What is the refund policy?

Not all North Andover Lacrosse Registration fees are refundable and we do not refund after April 2nd, 2024. For example, MYL league fees are always non-refundable. If you need to cancel, and it is within the programs cancelation/refund available period, please note the following policy & dates:

  • March 3rd, 2024 - By this point North Andover Lacrosse has confirmed and paid for teams in each of the league (MYL) and our indoor sessions at Home Grown Indoor Sports (400 Osgood St., North Andover, MA 01845) for March 2024. If the season is canceled prior to the commencement of league games NALAX will refund registration fees, less $100 per player. 

  • April 7, 2024 - League games commence. Cancelation of the season after league games begin will be non-refundable. Once the season has started, NALAX has incurred almost all its costs and refunds will no longer be possible.

Do I need to purchase a uniform or other special gear?

You will be required to purchase a uniform for your player. It will have their last name and can be used throughout their NALAX career. Players also provide their own cleats or sneakers. Each player is responsible for having appropriate equipment. Girls need a women’s game stick, protective goggles, and mouth guard. Boys need a men’s game stick, helmet, shoulder pads, arm/elbow guards, gloves, mouth guard, and a protective cup. More equipment information from US Lacrosse can be found here

Is there a “Select” program?

Yes, both the boys’ and girls’ programs at the 5/6 and 7/8 levels offer the opportunity to play on a Select team. There is a tryout and there is an additional fee for this team. An additional practice and game each week is expected of these players. Select games are usually on Fridays, sometimes Saturdays. (There is no Select program for 3/4 or 1/2.)

Can my daughter/son play an additional sport in the spring?

For families that choose to participate in multiple sports, it is inevitable that there will be some conflicts. Our coaches understand this and our policy as a recreational program is to not penalize players with less playing time in games due to absence at practices. We certainly encourage attendance at all lacrosse practices in order for each player to improve and therefore have more fun; however, we know that players have a variety of commitments. When conflicts arise, we ask that parents keep the coaches informed so that practice plans and game plans can be altered if necessary. Our number one goal is to provide a great experience with the game of lacrosse for all participants.

I don’t see the answer to my question here. Whom can I ask?

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about NALAX! 

  • For questions regarding the girls’ program, please contact Mike and Amanda at

  • For questions regarding the boys’ program, please contact Joe at

  • For questions about NALAX in general, please contact our Bryan at