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Thank you for visiting our online home. North Andover Lacrosse Association (NALAX) is a 501c3 town youth lacrosse association affiliated with US Lacrosse, the national governing body of lacrosse ( We are members of two leagues who manage the sport locally: Massachusetts Bay Youth Lacrosse League ( for the boys program and Massachusetts Bay Girls Lacrosse League ( for the girls program. Both of these leagues meet the Gold Stick Standard established by US Lacrosse.

We received this kind email through our website: "I had the pleasure of officiating the Pentucket Memorial Day tournament and I was so impressed with the North Andover coaches and athletes. Their hearts and minds are in the right place."

Field Status
Brooks School - North Andover OPEN (8/5) 
Carter Field - North Andover OPEN (8/5) 
NAHS Upper Turf - North Andover OPEN (8/5) 
NAHS Walsh Practice - North Andover OPEN (8/5) 
NAHS Walsh Stadium - North Andover OPEN (8/5) 
Sharpner's Pond Field - North Andover OPEN (8/5) 

Recently two types of lacrosse helmets were deemed NOT certified by NOCSAE and therefore not safe for use. One of those helmets, the Cascade R, now has a procedure in place to modify and re-certify its use at no cost to the consumer; click here for details. The other helmet, the Warrior Regulator, has not yet announced plans for modification.


Please note that Cascade has other helmet models with the letter “R” in them, such as CPX-R, CPV-R, and CS-R, which are NOT included in this issue; they are still certified as NOCSAE approved.